Spacesonic Ltd was founded in 2007 in Piniada (Trikala), in central Greece. We manufacture high precision industrial components for the Greek and European industry and the most specialized electric oil collectors on the market. After 25 years of experience in machining processes as EXPO-METAL SA, Spacesonic LTD is our new step into the future. With our sophisticated equipment, we can guarantee the production of your high-quality components at the most competitive prices.

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Our Services

Solutions for a wide range of industries

Tool & Die

We design and manufacture a full range of parts and tools according to customers’ needs, so they can reduce cycle times and improve their production processes.

Medical Parts

Spacesonic LTD has designed and manufactured various medical components and prototypes for University Medical Schools.

Industrial Parts

Components made from the most specialized materials: high strength steel, stainless steel, aerospace grade aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, bronze, carbide, etc. Our high quality standards and the highest precision measurements from our 5-axis coordinate measuring machine ensure a perfect result for your needs.

Power transmission gears

designed and manufactured complete hydraulic elevator control units, including the A3 block, for a Greek company. These units have been sent to European countries, Russia and Middle Eastern countries.

About Us

Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 15-34-50 Εργαλεία συγκομιδής ελιάς Spacesonic
Spacesonic Ltd is the next step of EXPO-METAL SA, a manufacturing plant of high precision industrial components for the most demanding industries worldwide. Our many years of experience and expertise in machining processes combined with our sophisticated equipment guarantee high quality components at the most competitive prices. To ensure this quality, we apply the latest and most demanding specifications described in the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Control Management System.

Spacesonic Team


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Precision Tools

Extensive knowledge of raw materials More than 40 years of experience in metal/plastic machining (carbide, special type aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, etc.) Latest machinery for greater precision Focused on every detail. Great designs and solutions for a variety of industries Quality assurance and quality control for all our parts/machines


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